Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China (HKFDF) is one of the listed National Sports Associations subvented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), aiming to promote Flying Disc development in Hong Kong. The position, Senior Sports Executive, will play a key role in guiding and managing the operations of the association, overseeing the administration of Flying Disc events and supporting communication with internal/external bodies and the LCSD.


Overall: Grow and engage the community of members playing flying disc sports in Hong Kong.

Office Management:
-To supervise and manage the office team (Sports Executive, Administrative Assistants
-To plan weekly office meetings

Event Management:
-To manage, organize and execute training programs, community beginner sessions, leagues, competitions. Including the planning, outreach and overseeing sign-ups, volunteer recruitment, execution, and follow up of events.
-Manage the preparation of P&L statements, attendance reports, feedback from events.

Stakeholder management and Communication:
-Communicate and work with the government on advancing the development of flying disc sports in Hong Kong, e.g. advising on policies and allocation of resources
-Leading local community flying disc events
-Advocate for the community benefits of flying disc sports and sports in general
-Communicate with different stakeholders such as schools and NGOs

-To promote flying disc sports to the community, to the media, and grow awareness of our organization through traditional and digital channels.
-Use a multi-channel approach (social media, EDM, networking) to grow and engage the community of participants and spectators for disc programmes.

-To manage all activities of the HKFDF office, including supervision and management of the administrative team. Provide regular reports to all stakeholders, including the Board, LCSD and community.
-To prepare and submit annual budgets and provide regular reports on income and expenditures to the Board of Directors. This includes reporting and compliance with LCSD regulations and accounting matters.
-To maintain website, social media platforms, and any other online platform needed for to reach association goals
-To consolidate and respond to internal/external communications

-An accredited Associate Degree from a Hong Kong tertiary institution/a Higher Diploma from a polytechnic university or polytechnic in Hong Kong or Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education or equivalent
-Fluent in written and spoken English and Chinese.

Who we’re looking for:
-Self-starter, Independently motivated
-An individual with vision
-Has demonstrated leadership capabilities in other roles
-Is a good teammate, on and off the field
-Community Builder who is outgoing and has good communication skills
-Active and passionate about sport
-Experience in school sports promotion and events is a plus
-Is comfortable with working irregular or non-traditional hours in outdoor environments (additional compensation leave will be awarded when applicable)

Why Join HKFDF?
-Monthly salary: $41,642
-Active Lifestyle - not your typical desk job! Get to be outdoors and have an active career
-Opportunity to build a community, lead a team and promote a new sport in Hong Kong
-Gain experience in multidisciplinary fields - marketing / event management / project management / community building / leadership
-Strong support network
-Flexible working hours
-Medical Insurance / MPF / Annual Leave
-A chance to join one of the best communities and sport family in Hong Kong!

*This post is subvented by the LCSD.
Apply in sending full resume to: president@hkupa.com
Please prefix “Application for the position of Senior Sports Executive” clearly on the title.
“Collected personal data will be used for recruitment purposes only.”