Dodge Disc

What is Dodge Disc?

Origin of Dodge Disc -Flying disc originated in the United States, afterwards introduced to Japan. Japan has adopted the rules of dodgeball and the design of soft flying disc. Later on Japan develops and promotes, created a new emerged sport called Dodge Disc. 

Dodge disc is a soft washable flying disc made with a nylon covered soft foam that is firm enough to hold its shape but still soft enough to throw and catch easily and safely.  Dodge disc is an exciting, fast-paced interactive game that promotes healthy exercise, team sportsmanship, and safe play.

There are more than 400 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong experienced or trained in this sport. HK has annual open tournament of school division and open division 


Features of Dodge Disc 

  1. Dodge disc is made of nylon and foam, it is safe and will not causing injury
  2. Easy to learn, you can compete by knowing how to throw, catch and simple rules
  3. There is no physical contact during the game, so it is also suitable for mixed (men and women) in competition
  4. The physical difference between athletes does not affect much. E.g. Primary school students can play with Secondary school student, men and women can also play together
  5. The venue has fewer restrictions, only the size of the volleyball court or mark a rectangle field size, it can be indoor or outdoor areas

Dodge Disc Basic Rules

  • Venue: The court is 9Mr X 18M, same with volleyball court
  • Equipment: HKDA recognized Dodge Disc (/Dodgebee)
  • Teams: There are two teams, team A and team B as shown. Each team with 10 players
  • Game duration: 3 to 4 minutes unless a team’s infield has been eliminated
  • Objective of the game: To eliminate all players from the opposing team’s infield court. If there are remaining players in the infield and time has expired, the team with the most players on their infield wins
  • Basic Rules: 
  1. Outfield players may pass to any of their team’s members in their infield or across lines to players on other sides of outfield. Infield players are not permitted to pass in their infield but may pass to their outfield team players
  2. There must be at least 1 member from each team in the designated outfield
  3. Players must attack the opposing team within 5 seconds



We thanks Hong Kong Dodgebee Association (HKDA) for the promotion of Dodgebee (Dodge Disc), We acknowledged that HKDA’s certified coach as HKFDF’s certified coach.

Please visit the website of HKDA ( for more details on coaching structure and game rules.