Board of Directors

Board of Directors


  • Mr. Calvin K. Cheng (valid until 2026 AGM)

Vice President

  • Mr. Lo Chi Wai, Jeffrey (valid until 2026 AGM)
    Directors (Specializing in Ultimate Frisbee)
    • Ms. Lau Ho Ching, Stephanie (valid until 2025 AGM)
    • Mr. So Wing Ho, Sunny (valid until 2025 AGM)
    • Mr. Jason Cancel (valid until 2026 AGM)

    Directors (Specializing in Dodge Disc)

    • Mr. Chu Ka Chun, Kelvin (valid until 2025 AGM)
    • Ms. Lau Lok Man, Eska (valid until 2026 AGM)
    • Mr. Lo Chi Wai, Jeffrey (valid until 2026 AGM)
    Directors (General Position)
    • Mr. Dustin Ciarla (valid until 2025 AGM)
    • Mr. Tsang Chung Yin, Choco (valid until 2025 AGM )
    • Mr. Calvin K. Cheng (valid until 2026 AGM)
    • Ms. Mel Dol (valid until 2026 AGM)
    • Mr. Joshua Peter Keil (valid until 2026 AGM)

    President's Message
    Dear members of the Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong China,

    It is with great pleasure that have had your vote of confidence in 2022 to serve as your president of the association for a 2-year term.  My vision for the association is to bring greater recognition to our sport amongst the public and to drive positivity and a sense of belonging amongst our members.  Entrusted with the responsibility to lead, I wish to carry the passion and dedication displayed by our members and turn those passion and dedication into a driving force to steer our federation into a new era.  This cannot be done by one person, or a board, but requires the collective effort of the entire federation to achieve such a feat.

    In the recent years, our federation has remarkably changed into one that is recognized by the LCSD and one that is recognized by the HKIOC. This came about through countless individuals who, through their love for the sport, have so selflessly contributed to its growth and development. Together, we have built a vibrant and inclusive community that embodies the spirit of flying disc sports.

    As we embark on this new chapter, I wanted to share with you our plans and initiatives, the top 5 priorities that will shape our federation's progress and growth in the months to come:

    1. School Programmes (Primary to High School)
    2. Beginner to Intermediate Development
    3. University Teams
    4. Women’s Development
    5. Dodge Disc Development

    These initiatives will form the blueprint for our federation's growth and success for this upcoming year. I encourage each and every one of you to actively participate, support, and contribute to these endeavors. Together, we can create a thriving flying disc community that inspires.

    Thank you for your dedication and continued support.

    Warm regards,

    Calvin K. Cheng

    President, Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China

    3rd November, 2023