HKFDF organizes 3 major Ultimate tournaments per year:


Single Gender Ultimate Open (a.k.a. Hidden Agenda) 

Date: May
Gender: Single Gender (Open and Women's division)
Format: International Club Teams
Registration: TBA

Hong Kong Pan Asia Ultimate Tournament

Date: October
Gender: Mixed
Format: International Club Teams (For 2021, Hat format)
Registration: TBA

Hong Kong Ultimate Beach Hat Tournament

Date: November/December
Gender: Mixed
Format: Hat (randomized teams)
Registration: TBA

Tournament FAQs 

  1. What is a Hat Tournament? - A Hat Tournament is where players register as individuals and are placed on randomly chosen teams hand picked by our expert tournament directors. Teams are assembled to be fair and similar in skill level, giving everyone an equal chance at winning. The tournament atmosphere puts an emphasis of fun while remaining competitive, a great introductory tournament for new comers of Ultimate!
  2. Can I sign up with a group of friends? - Please contact us and we will see if arrangements can be made!
  3. How do I join a team? - Please refer to our Join a team page for more details
  4. Can beginners or new players sign up for tournaments? - Yes! There are no restrictions.