Club FAQs

What are Club Teams? 

  • HKFDF sanctioned Club Teams are allocated fields to train and can represent HKFDF and Hong Kong to compete at international tournaments (such as the Asia Ultimate Club and World Ultimate Club Championship) 
  • Players on sanctioned club teams are required to become members of HKFDF
  • Club teams are divided by gender division throughout the year. Typically from Jan-July is single gender season (Open and Women's). August - Dec is Mixed gender season. Start of season date can vary due to tournament schedules
  • Club teams will on average practice about once per week or more to prepare for various international and local tournaments throughout the year. 
  • Commitment and skill level requirements vary from team to team, please contact each team representative to find out more. 

What is Single Gender? 

  • Single Gender refers to Open and and Women's divisions
  • Open division translates to all gender are able to join (no restrictions). Historically Open divisions are mainly competed by male players but there are no restrictions on female players from trying out or joining. 
  • Women's division are reserved only for those identify as female players

What is Mixed Gender? 

  • Mixed Gender translates to Male and Female players competing together on the same team with and against each other on the pitch. 
  • Each point is played in a gender ratio of 4:3 (male to female or female to male). 

How to Join a team?

  • Please see details of each team and contact team representatives for details on how to join or tryout. 

Are Club teams good for beginners? 

  • Some clubs are for experienced players and some will welcome beginners. See details on each club and contact the team representative for more information. 

How do I play Ultimate?