Community Events

HKFDF has several events where we organize for the wider community of Hong Kong. At Certain events, participants can join without purchasing a membership or we offer a non-member price. See below for a list of events.


 Pick Up
Skill Level: All
Membership required: No
Pick Up Ultimate is open to all levels and does not require a membership. Members and non-members alike are welcome to simply show up and play. It's a great option for travelers and casual players. Beginners can join but it is recommended to first try Bring a Friend, Ultimate 101 or to take the Elementary Course to learn the basics of the game first. HKFDF organizes pick up games 1 to 2 times per month, check the calendar for the next scheduled pick up game.


Bring a Friend
Skill Level: Novice
Membership Required: No

It is called 'Bring a Friend' because it offers players a chance to introduce Ultimate to their friends who have never tried the sport before and to play together!

Bring a friend events were created to welcome new players who are interested in the game but have never played or has little experience. During the bring a friend events, participants will get the opportunity to learn the rules of the games, learn techniques and have a bit of fun playing in a real game.

Bring a friend sessions are also great for players who have played a few times but still need training and practice to get their throwing and catching techniques.


 Ultimate 101 / 18 District Fun Days
Skill Level: Novice
In cooperation with LCSD, HKFDF offers one day introductory classes to those interested in learning about the sport of Ultimate at various locations around Hong Kong.


Entry Fee Required (discount for members, offers non-member pricing)
Tosscars is the 'Oscars' of HKFDF, an annual dinner and awards ceremony for our Ultimate members. Awards such as MVP (male & female), the Paul Bartels Blood & Guts award, Biggest Contributor, Most Improved etc. It is one of our most popular gathering and one that our members look forward to with much anticipation every year. It is a great way to bond and get to know your fellow members, and surely a night to remember! (or...forget)