As a HKFDF Member, you can:

  • participate in HKFDF-run leagues
  • participate in HKFDF-run training events
  • enjoy discounts at HKFDF-sanctioned events (e.g. this could include the Hong Kong Beach Hat Tournament and our Annual Tosscars Award Ceremony Party)
  • join any HKFDF-sanctioned National and/or Club Team
  • represent Hong Kong in overseas tournaments (both national championship and club championship)
  • vote in the annual HKFDF Board election


    • Standard Membership – HK$350 per year. **
    • First-time/Student^ Membership – HK$100 per year.
    • Half Year Membership – HK$250* 

^Students are persons who are enrolled full-time at an educational institution recognised by the HKFDF Board on the date of registration.
* Half-year memberships will last for 6 months from the date of your registration.
** Full-year membership and other memberships will last for 1 year from your registration date (ex. Feb 6 2022 - Feb 5 2023)

First-time/Student Membership Fee

In order to encourage the growth of ultimate in Hong Kong, we are now offering all first-time members (i.e. you have never previously been a member of HKFDF) a one-time fee of HK$100 for their first year as a HKFDF member. All students are also granted standard membership at this fee. The benefits granted to a person who has paid a first-time/student membership fee are the same as those granted to a member who has paid the standard membership fee.

In case of any queries, please email us at

All membership related disputes will be subject to the board’s discretion as a final say.