About Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China

Formerly known as the Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association ("HKUPA"), changed its name to Hong Kong Flying Disc Federation Limited in 2020 and Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China Limited (“HKFDF”) in 2023. HKFDF is a non-profit organisation operating as a company limited by guarantee. The HKFDF is a member (observing) of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, a National Sports Association of Hong Kong and a member of the World Flying Disc Federation.

Our goal and vision is that one day Flying Disc (including but not limited to Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgedisc, Guts, Disc Golf etc.) will grow to be a well recognized and mainstream sport in Hong Kong. The HKFDF is dedicated to increase both the number of participants in the HKFDF community as well as develop the talent of Flying Disc players in Hong Kong.

HKFDF regularly organizes flying disc trainings, league matches, tournaments and courses in Hong Kong. Explore our website to find out more!


  • Spirit of the game – that good sportsmanship and fair play is upheld within the community
  • Community – the HKFDF strives to create a welcoming and friendly environment for all who want to participate in Flying Disc community, both on and off the field
  • Competition – we encourage members to challenge themselves and improve and grow as athletes and Flying Disc players


President:  Calvin Cheng (valid until 2024 HKFDF AGM & Board Election)

Vice-President:  Lincoln Cheung (valid until 2025 HKFDF AGM & Board Election)

Directors at Large:
Jason Cancel, Jeffrey Lo (valid until 2024 HKFDF AGM & Board Election)
Stephanie Lau, Sunny So (valid until 2025 HKFDF AGM & Board Election)

Directors At Large (with focus on female advancement): Choco Tsang (valid until 2025 HKFDF AGM & Board Election)

Past Presidents: Steven Lee, Apple Chapman, Neil Gysel, Kevin Ho, Nick Tsao, Tommy Fung