Black Kites (Women)

Black Kites is the first Hong Kong Women Ultimate Club Team founded in 2017 by a group of passionate female players. The team aims to provide a club experience where members can support and encourage each other to develop in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to the positive feedback and interests expressed by the local community, to the support provided by HKUPA in fostering the development of women ultimate players and the regional effort in providing more single gender tournaments, Black Kites will be training and competing in 2018 while:
  1. creating an inclusive community – by welcoming players from every level, novice and veteran and by valuing the voice of each member of the team;
  2. providing a opportunities to inspire and get inspired;
  3. establishing an environment that supports improvement of each individual player and of the team.

In order to help us reach our goals together, we must bring our highest commitment, first of all to ourselves and secondly, to each other. Thus, we do expect our members to attend to at least 70% of the trainings, to participate to our meetups and to have a proactive attitude toward self-improvement, by increasing what we call our GRIT rate:

GUTS: am I playing guts out without holding back, without fear and believing in myself?

RESILIENCE: am I recovering quickly from difficulties and errors to stay focused on learning from them? Am I mentally and physically strong to endure challenges beyond my comfort zone?

INTEGRITY: do I know the rules and play by them? Do I hold myself and my teammate accountable to them even when it means I am not winning?

TENACITY: am I holding strong on my goals and not letting distractions affect me? Do I  keep demonstrating my skills throughout all practices and games?
We plan to train twice a week starting from January 2018 and will be competing at:
  • Hidden-A-Gender Women Tournament in HK (April 2018)
  • Shanghai Shingles Women Tournament (June 2018)
If you would like to be a Black Kite this year, please fill this form.
If you have any question, please contact us at