2024 Annual General Meeting Cum Board Election Result

20 May 2024

The 2024 Annual General Meeting Cum Board Election that was held on 19 May 2024, 9a.m. in Meeting Room, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, Causeway Bay has elected one director specializing in Ultimate Frisbee, three directors specializing in Dodge Disc, and four directors (General Position).

The results of the Board Election are as follows👇🏻

👤Directors (Specializing in Ultimate Frisbee)
Mr. Jason Cancel (valid until 2026 AGM)

👤Directors (Specializing in Dodge Disc)
Mr. Chu Ka Chun, Kelvin (valid until 2025 AGM)
Ms. Lau Lok Man, Eska (valid until 2026 AGM)
Mr. Lo Chi Wai, Jeffrey (valid until 2026 AGM)

👤Directors (General Position)
Mr. Dustin Ciarla (valid until 2025 AGM)
Mr. Calvin K. Cheng (valid until 2026 AGM)
Ms. Mel Dol (valid until 2026 AGM)
Mr. Joshua Peter Keil (valid until 2026 AGM)

HKFDF appreciates the support and guidance from the BOD members during their servicing period, who contributed voluntarily to the flying disc development in Hong Kong. We look forward to another exciting and fulfilled year under the leadership of the new BOD.

Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China