Hong Kong National Team Selection Guidelines

Hong Kong National Team Selection Guidelines

The Flying Disc Federation of Hong Kong, China (“HKFDF”) has developed the Hong Kong National Team Selection Guideline (“Guideline”) for the selection of Hong Kong National Teams (“HKNT”) for all international and regional World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) sanctioned tournaments.


1. The Board shall appoint the Selection Committee.
2. The Selection Committee shall be composed of three Selection Committee
3. The Selection Committee is required to review and endorse the players
recommended (“Recommended Player”) for selection by the captains/coaches
of the HKNT (“HKNT Leadership Group”).
4. The HKNT Leadership Group shall be appointed by the Training Director. 5. The
Selection Committee may request from the HKNT Leadership Group any
additional information it requires in respect of the recommendation of any
particular Recommended Player.
6. A Recommended Player is selected for the HKNT only upon the endorsement of
two Selection Committee Members.
7. The Selection Committee must announce the players selected for the HKNT
within three days of the selection of the HKNT.
8. A player who is not recommended by the HKNT Leadership Group or is not
endorsed by the Selection Committee may appeal to the Appeal


9. In recommending players to the Selection Committee, the HKNT Leadership
Group is required but not limited to considering the following criteria
(“Recommendation Criteria”):
a. Physical ability;
b. Playing experience;
c. Performance at training or selection trials;
d. Performance at competitions;

Last updated 25 July 2016 1

e. Understanding of team strategy;
f. Training attendance;
g. Coachability;
h. Attitude;
i. Spirit;
j. World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) Player Class as defined in
WFDF’s Rules of Ultimate as amended from time to time;
k. Other contributions to the team.


10. The Board shall appoint the Appeal Committee at the same time the Selection
Committee is appointed.
11. The Appeal Committee shall be composed of three Appeal Committee
Members. Appeal Committee Members cannot be Selection Committee
12. The Appeal Committee shall review any appeal made by a player.


13. All appeals must be made to the Appeal Committee in writing within three days
of the announcement of the selected HKNT.
14. The appealing player may make written submissions to the Appeal Committee
setting out the grounds of his/her appeal. The HKNT Leadership Group or
Selection Committee (as the case may be) may make written submissions in
reply to the appealing player’s written submissions. After considering the
appealing player and the HKNT Leadership Group/Selection Committee’s
respective submissions, the Appeal Committee may, but is not required, to
invite the appealing player and the HKNT Leadership/Selection Committee to a
joint meeting to hear further oral submissions.
15. The Appeal Committee may make the following rulings:

a. Upholding the decision of the HKNT Leadership Group/Selection
b. Reversing the decision of HKNT Leadership Group and
recommending the player for endorsement by the Selection

c. Reversing the decision of the Selection Committee and endorsing the
player for selection on to the HKNT.

16. The ruling of the Appeal Committee is final.
17. The Appeal Committee is required to prepare a written report setting out the
grounds upon which the ruling was made. This report will be published by the


18. A player being considered for selection on the HKNT cannot be appointed to
the Selection Committee or Appeal Committee.
19. A person appointed to the Selection Committee or Appeal Committee may
refuse the appointment or to withdraw from the relevant committee by notifying
the Board if he/she is of the view that he/she cannot act impartially and
independently as a member of that committee.
20. The Board shall appoint a person to replace any person who refuses an
appointment or withdraws from the Selection Committee or Appeal Committee
within three days of being notified.

Last Updated: August 13, 2021